HSE : Hygienic , Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and well-being of our associates and partners represents for us our utmost priority. In addition we contribute as well to protect our environment. To do so, we have developed our policy according to MASE/UIC standards, a proactive approach towards identified risks and a preventive system declined in 5 axes as follows:

The management of FIP is full committed

The competences and qualification of our employees

Work preparation and organization

Results assessment, deviation analysis and corrective actions

Follow up set up reflecting continuous improvement

At FIP we have set of fundamental principles which are the following:

Preserve people’ s safety and health is our utmost priority

The involvement of everyone is essential

Accident is not due to chance, it’s always prone to a reason, that’s why it can be avoided.

All associates should be trained to work safely

To prevent risks at work is a matter of daily management and is a process of continuous improvement

The right of withdrawal for serious and imminent danger is a right but even more a duty and use of it make the difference

FIP management shows by his actions, his commitment to continuous improvement of its performance in health, safety, environment but also his determination, his willing to establish HSE management system for health and environment protection.

FIP Management committed in :

The establishment of an organization with a genuine involvement in all site survey

HSE objectives quantified and reviewed annually

Annual HSE plan follow up

Ensuring that all associates comply and enforce the rules, internal procedures and even more important the site procedures where our associates intervene.

Ensuring that all associates knows how to apply the right of withdrawal in case of grave and imminent danger but as well the duty of warning

Controlling the management review and regular monitoring of corrective and preventive actions




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