FIP International


    FIP is aiming to develop Export activities and has created recently a subsidiary so called FIP International
    (France Engineering Process International).

    The significant development of oil and biofuel reserve
    in most of emerging countries, like North Africa, Nigeria, Angola, China, India, Middle East and Venezuela… has arouse so far a steep growth of the oil installations like tank farm terminals, refineries, offshore, onshore platform…

    FIP International meet as well those requirements by sharing our experience and developing strong partnership.

    Our project managers are well trained according to the international regulations (API, OIML…) and fully bilingual in English.


        For additional information, please contact our Export Director :

        M. Camille Rasser : - tél : +33 164 227 726


            Certification ISO 9001 obtenue

            FIP a obtenu la certification ISO 9001 ...

            News objectif

            Certifié ISO 9001 et MASE/UIC, FIP poursuit sa recherche de l’excellence en matière de QSSE ...

            Obtention GEHSE

            FPC, la filiale dédiée à la construction d’ouvrages métalliques, chaudronnées et de tuyauterie, a obtenu l’agrément ...

            Supporter nationale

            FIP International, filiale dédiée à l’export du Groupe France Process® a remporté une affaire en Russie ...

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