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FIP acts as contractor and provides assistance services on commissioning, process operations and maintenance follow up to keep over the time the life time, efficiency and the productivity of the equipment.

FIP makes at your disposal its experienced and skilled engineers, drawers, project manager in order to design simple, robust and reliable technical solution and to meet optimally your expectations.

To do so, FIP set up:

Active listening and fish for customer needs

Work frame definition, brainstorming and added value proposition

Participation to the specification elaboration

Solutions proposition (engineering and calculation)

Drawings realization

Follow up

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          Certification ISO 9001 obtenue

          FIP a obtenu la certification ISO 9001 ...

          News objectif

          Certifié ISO 9001 et MASE/UIC, FIP poursuit sa recherche de l’excellence en matière de QSSE ...

          Obtention GEHSE

          FPC, la filiale dédiée à la construction d’ouvrages métalliques, chaudronnées et de tuyauterie, a obtenu l’agrément ...

          Supporter nationale

          FIP International, filiale dédiée à l’export du Groupe France Process® a remporté une affaire en Russie ...

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