Calculation cluster

    structure métallique, IMPULSE, notes de calculs

    FIP has developed a calculation department in which experienced and trained engineer provide comprehensive tools to define the well processing of your tank terminals.

    FIP has invested in state of the art and accurate software like FATHOM, IMPULSE or ROBOT. Herewith some calculation examples:

    Hydraulic :

    · Suction or discharge pressure drop calculation (FATHOM)

    · Pump sizing (NPSH, HMT, DN…)

    · Pressure Peaks, Hammer (IMPULSE)

    · Anti-pulsatory vessels sizing




    Technology (piston…)

    · Sizing control of the decompression safety valve in case of fire

    · Process Connection diameter verification

    · Tar pressure verification

    Piping : sizing, class and material definition

    Structure and steel framing (ROBOT)

    · Existing installation sizing

    · New structure sizing and installation

    · Existing piping layout sizing

    · 3D modeling of the existing structure

    · Loads application

    · Stress analysis

    · Main assembling verification

    · Calculation note

    · Results synthesis


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