Since 2010, in France dozen of Tank Terminal closed because of regulation, economical and environment constraints.

France Ingénierie Process has been appointed as a contractor to dismantle the Tank Terminal BP in Puget Sur Argens (EPPA) and has acquired significant experience and knowledge.

    démantèlement, site SEVESO

    How we proceed :

    Dismantling Forecast planification

    Budgetary evaluation of the operation

    Assistance to get approval from the certified bodies and authorities (Final shutdown of the installation classified for the environment protection, Statement of the final stoppage of the classified installations, Notification delivered to the “Prefet” …)

    Security policy implementation (evacuation and getting rid of dangerous product, disposals, on-site access limitation or prohibition, blast or fire risk elimination, effect of the installation on the environment continuously monitored)

    Dismantling operation description

    Installation opening, cleaning and inerting

    Disposal management linked to the dismantling complying the regulation laws :

    · Evacuation

    · Destruction

    · Waste recovery management

    · Reinforcement


    · Electrical cables dismantling

    · Buried and aerial Piping removal

    · Folding stairs and platform removal and evacuation

    · StorageTanks and its accessories dismantling

    · Cutting up and evacuation of the side walls

    · Plant site clearing and grading to restitute a plane area


      Certification ISO 9001 obtenue

      FIP a obtenu la certification ISO 9001 ...

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      Certifié ISO 9001 et MASE/UIC, FIP poursuit sa recherche de l’excellence en matière de QSSE ...

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      FPC, la filiale dédiée à la construction d’ouvrages métalliques, chaudronnées et de tuyauterie, a obtenu l’agrément ...

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      FIP International, filiale dédiée à l’export du Groupe France Process® a remporté une affaire en Russie ...

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